Here's what we are up to at the moment.

We wish to thank you all for a wonderful year in Good Company!

(Photo above from our Salakauppa Tree of Life window display.
Come take your own photo when Salakauppa opens again on 9th of January 2019.
Postikatu 10, 00100 Helsinki. Wed-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-18)

Merry Christmas from Russia!

Meet master wood turner Igor, Company collaborator since 2012.

Privet iz Russia!

We'll be visiting dear friends and masters in central Russia.

Aamu painting Christmas window
for our shop SALAKAUPPA Postikatu 10, 00100 Helsinki.
From the 12th December on we'll be open daily 13-18. Welcome.

Today Design Museum revealed next year secrets: The spring/summer main exhibition will be Company's solo
show Secret Universe. Over 10 years of Secrets from 10 different countries including our latest adventures Secrets of Mexico will fill the entire 2nd floor of the museum. Curator Suvi Saloniemi, exhibition architect Linda Bergroth (photo above). Secret Universe open 5.4.-22.9.2019.

In Good Company in San Francisco.
We are visiting our friends
Robin and Cathy, owners of Heath Ceramics, an amazing company with two factories and three shops in San Franciso carrying dinnerware and tiles – and also a range of Company's Secrets.

In Good Company in Mexico.
With family Balbueno in Izucar de Matamoros.
We'll be touring around central Mexico visiting new and old friends. Our latest in the Secret series, Secrets of Mexico, is coming out in spring 2019.

In Good Company in Mexico.
Aamu with our new idol, master Quirino, with whom we are starting a new collaboration.

In Good Company in Mexico.
Aamu working on new secrets with master Tomas Ricardo.
COMPANY touring central Mexico for a couple of weeks.

Table of Secrets.
These newly born babies from our Secrets of Russia -collection are visiting us for quality control and packaging on their way to new homes around the world. With the help of amazing Roosa, Lee and Mariana packing workshop was full of fun.
Thank you!

We are very honored to receive the Helsinki Design Award in the category of internationalization.
The award ceremony was held on September 12th as part of the Helsinki Design Week program.
During the week we will also participate in panel discussions
’Trust your Hands’ on Tue 11th at 6pm at Designmuseum auditorium,
and on Sat 15th at 4pm at Habitare, Helsinki Fair Centerwhere Johan joins the discussion ’Love Forever’.

SALAKAUPPA gets a new blue factory window display.
SALAKAUPPA since 2008 Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki, Finland. Wed-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-18.

Cabinet of Curiosities.
Filled with Company Secrets at artek store Helsinki.
We've been so happy collaborating with artek since exhibiting Company Salakauppa at artek store back in 2016.

Aamu the packing robot at work.
Once every month our office turns into a packing factory where friends and relatives join in wrapping, packing and sending the products around the world.

Our installation House of Cards / Korttitalo at EMMA Museum completed during the summer.
The installation is a part of the on-going FUTUROMANIA -exhibition. We asked visitors to draw their future dream on a piece of paper and to hang it on a canopy of strings. Gradually a big common roof started to appear. (The ones who wrote their present home address on the card, will be receiving a message from the future.)

NEW PRODUCTS! From our SECRETS OF JAPAN -collection.
Mr. TONGUE. Made in Kumamoto. BLUE BEAR & SNOWMAN. Made in Nagano region, Japan.
On top shelf is HANA KOKESHI - a set of 7flowers. Made in Kuroishi, Japan. On left is INCENSE HOLDER made in Konoha, Japan. All designs: COMPANY / Aamu Song & Johan Olin.

A set of 7 kokeshi. Material: Maple wood, paint. Made by Master Abo Mutsihide in Kuroishi, Japan. Designed by COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size: 130 x 75 mm (Tallest of the 7 piece.) Price: 215,00 EUR 

Material: Birch, paint. Made in Nagano region, Japan by Master Sunohara Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size: 160 x 90 mm. Price: 195,00 EUR

Material: Birch, paint. Made in Nagano region, Japan by Master Sunohara Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size: 160 x 100 mm. Price: 180,00 EUR

Material: Wood, Papier-Mache, cotton string. Painted and lacquered. Made in Kumamoto, Japan by Master Atsuga-san. Colour: Wood or Red. Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size 250 x 100 mm. Price: 250,00 EUR

Material: Ceramic. Made in Konoha, Japan by Master Reizo Nagata. Size: 80 x 60 x 35 mm. Price: 29,00 EUR. Design: COMPANY / Johan Olin

PINE CHOTAROO & SPRUCE CHOTAROO. Made in Saga, Japan. On right new spinning tops: SPINNING MAN & SPINNING HEAD. Made in Yame, Japan.
We've been working with traditional craft masters in Southern Japan. These new items were first exhiited at ARTIUM, Fukuokain spring 2018 at our exhibition Secrets from Forest.

Material: Clay, gouache
Made in Saga, Japan by Masters Masahiro Takayanagi and Johjima Masaki. Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size: 110 x 70 mm. Price: 30,00 EUR

Material: Clay, gouache
Made in Saga, Japan by Masters Masahiro Takayanagi and Johjima Masaki. Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song
Size: 100 x 60 mm. Price: 30,00 EUR
SPINNING HEAD (picture shows front and back side)
Made in Yame, Southern Japan. Material: Mizuki (dogwood) tree, cotton yarn, paint. Design by COMPANY / Johan Olin
Size: 50 x 40mm. Price: 15,00 EUR / pc
Made in Yame, Southern Japan. Material: Mizuki (dogwood) tree, cotton yarn, paint. Design by COMPANY / Johan Olin
Size: 70 x 30mm. Price: 19,00 EUR / pc

IRINA & ANNA. Material: Linden, paint. Manufactured in Tver, Russia. Design: Aamu Song / COMPANY. Size 200 x 100 mm. Price: 75,00 EUR (per each).

A snake that swallowed a vole and a mouse whom each swallowed a beetle.
Design: Johan Olin / COMPANY. Manufactured in Semenov, Russia. Material: Linden, paint, lacquer. . Size 260 x 55 mm. Prize: 75,00 EUR.

Business meeting Savo style. Sculptor and chainsaw artist Taito Huotarinen inspecting Aamu's new plan.
We are touring eastern Finland in search of Savonian Secrets (Savon Salat).

Saariston Salat / Skärgårdens Hemligheter
This summer we are touring around the Finnish archipelago in search of local secrets.

House of Cards / Korttitalo – a future house made of future dreams.
We designed an installation for Futuromania -exhibition opening today at EMMA Museum, Finland.
The installation is a participatory work that will be completed by the visitors of the exhibition.

The future is made together. We ask visitors to draw their future dream on a piece of paper and hang it on a canopy of strings above. Gradually a big common roof will materialize.

FUTUROMANIA – Designing Future Living exhibition opening at EMMA Museum, Finland.
The exhibition celebrates Finnish 50's and 60's future utopias. Exhibition is open until 17.02.2019.

REDDRESS residency at Boulez Saal, Berlin.
An amazing final concert ends this amazing week. Thank you!
Photo: Pierre Boulez Saal

Dress Rehearsal.
REDDRESS residency at Boulez Saal, Berlin. A series of four concerts by Pekka Kuusisto starts tonight 7:30pm.

REDDRESS filling up the Boulez Saal, Berlin.

This amazing, oval-shaped concert hall by Frank Gehry is such a perfect match with REDDRESS.
’Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto and South-Korean artist Aamu Song bring an extraordinary project to the Pierre Boulez Saal that blurs the boundaries between performance and visual art’.
There will be four concerts starting on the 29th of May to 1st of June. Tickets available here.
REDDRESS designed by Aamu Song back in 2002 have had a long relationship with Pekka Kuusisto. In photo above Pekka with Our orchestra at Helsinki Festival 2013.

Back in Finland we are working on an installation for EMMA Museum. These strings will be forming House of Cards – a place where museum visitors can hang their future dreams.
FUTUROMANIA – Designing Future Living opens on 6th of June.

Gapado, South Korea. Our artist residence time in the island of
Gapado comes to an end. We are so thankful for these two beautiful months of sun, sea and lovely company.

Back in the island of
Gapado, South Korea. Our artist-in-residence at Gapado AiR will continue until late May.

Lotus lanterns prepared for Buddha's birthday.
We'll be spending this week searching Seoul museums and material shops before returning to our recidence in Gapado island.

Our exhibition Secrets from Forest open for last weekend at ARTIUM, Fukuoka, Japan.

We are present at the exhibition as virtual shop keepers (video projection above). Irashaimase!

Secrets from Russian Forest. Trees Lehmusto. A set of 8 nesting trees. Made in Semenov. Designed by Aamu Song.

Secrets from Forest table ends in a Japanese forest. Under the Moss Moss Chochin lanterns are Kurume Kasuri Kokeshi Hanten shirts, Moss Moss pillows and Hanten shirts, new spins and and ningyos. Back wall painting by Aamu Song.

Greetings from the island of Gapado.
This spring our office will be located on this tiny island in the southernmost point of Korea.

We are among the first group of artist-in-residence habiting Gapado AiR, this amazing building project designed by 101 Architects.

Century of the Child exhibition opens at V&A Museum of Childhood in London.
COMPANY shows in the exhibition Dance
Shoes and Small Hug Puzzle. Exhibition is open until the 2nd of September 2018.

Secrets from Forest exhibition opens at ARTIUM, Fukuoka, Japan.
Secrets from Forest is continuing our project Secrets of Japan. The exhibition will show new works made in southern Japan and also include additional works from the forests of Finland and Russia.

New secrets from Japan revealed tomorrow at Secrets from Forest exhibition opening at ARTIUM, Fukuoka, Japan

Painting a dream shop
at ARTIUM, Fukuoka, Japan. Our Secrets from Forest exhibition opens tomorrow 10am. Opening reception 6:30pm.

Irasaimase! A still from Company's secret Japan life video. The movie premieres on the opening of exhibition Secrets from Forest, March 17th at ARTIUM, Fukuoka, Japan. Movie
by the amazing V. Vainio.

COMPANY designed the first International Gender Equality Prize.
The first ever International Gender Equality Prize was given today to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.
The prize, established by the Government of Finland in 2017, is awarded biannually to a person or organisation that has advanced gender equality in a globally significant way.

We gave the shape for the prize. It's a mouth blown glass globe where two colourful bubbles meet. The bubbles were each blown by the talented Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo (photo above) in Nuutajärvi, Finland. Link to making of the prize video.

Cover girl – and boy. COMPANY is happy to be featured in the latest issue of Diseno Interior. Cover photo is from COMPANY's exhibition
Temple of Manufacturing at Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York 2017.

Secrets of Mexico. Meeting master Jose in Teotitlan del Valle and learning about natural dyes. The cactus stems hanging back there are for the red hues. Or more precisely an insect called cochinilla that lives on the cactus.
These insects are dried and crushed to make the most spectacular reds.

Learning secrets of Mexico from our idols in Izucar de Matamoros, Mexico.

Fruits and pinatas. Today exploring the endless mercados and museums of Mexico city.

New Secrets coming up! We'll be touring around Mexico in search of local secrets.

Installing Flower Vase Tree / Maljakkopuu in Designmuseum.

Exhibition Healing – parantumisen muotoilua opens tomorrow 26th January. Exhibition open 26.01.–11.03.2018 Design Museum, Finland.
The Flower Vase Tree / Maljakkopuu is a commissioned art work we did for a new hospital in the city of Espoo. The design is a set of steel trees holding the flower vases. The trees are located by each entrance of the 18 wards of the hospital. There the visitors can pick up a vase on their way to patient rooms. The art work was comissioned by EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. Flower vases are also sold in Salakauppa and in EMMA Shop.

Work in progress: study trip to one of the smallest museums in Finland. The Finnish literature giant Aleksis Kivi spent his last days in this cabin. Habiting the tiny cabin simultaneously was his brother with wife and three children.

NEW PRODUCT! BibimBag Big & BibimBag small now available in black & grey.
A bag full of pockets in extra-durable cotton canvas. Manufactured in Tokyo, Japan. Small 155,00 EUR, b
ig 175,00 EUR.

Made in Saga, Japan by Masters Masahiro Takayanagi and Johjima Masaki. Material: Clay, gouache
Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song. Price: 29,00 EUR /pc.

Made in Yame, Southern Japan. Mizuki (dogwood) tree, cotton yarn. Price: 15,00 EUR / pc.
We've been working with traditional craft masters in Southern Japan. More items will be shown at our exhibition in ARTIUM, Fukuoka in 17.3.–22.4.2018. Those new items will be available later here and in Salakauppa Helsinki.

Happiest holidays. from Company-Christmas-Totem.

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