. Get your gift wrapped in sweet-potato-printed patterns by Asta (on right). Salakauppa open every day in December until christmas. Mon-Fri 14-19, Sat-Sun 12-18.

25.11.2014. In Good Company. Asta (on top) came to intern with COMPANY and created these amazing, unique wrapping papers. Hand-carved sweet-potato printed!

. Congratulations Lapuan Kankurit, winner of Taito Finlandia 2014 award.
The recipient of this years award was selected by designers Aamu Song and Johan Olin who announced their decision at the opening of the Finnish Handicrafts Fair in Tampere today.

. COMPANY designs ’Valopallo’ a wooden lampshade for aarikka.
Finnish design company aarikka celebrates their 60 year long history by introducing new products. aarikka – Iloa 60 vuotta -exhibition opens in Design Forum Showroom, Erottajankatu 9 B Helsinki. Exhibition is open for public from 30.10. to 16.11.2014. Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 12-16.

. COMPANY back in Helsinki. Salakauppa is getting ready for winter. Winter Ties & PinguWears (in the window), Suomi Shoes, Felt Virsu and wool shirts now available in Salakauppa. We also have a new colour of our woollen Vigri Cap. Salakauppa Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

. Opening of COMPANY Secrets of Russia at SÜPER STORE, Berlin. A selection of items from Secrets of Russia -collection now available at SÜPER STORE, Dieffenbachstr. 12, 10967 Berlin. www.sueper-store.de

07.10.2014. Looking into Shaker secrets at Sabbathday lake Shakers Village, Maine. COMPANY researching local manufacturing traditions in New England, U.S.

03.10.2014. Greetings from Amish town in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. COMPANY studying Amish industry that self-produces necessary items for family and neighbors in good price. Actually everyone here is producer, so almost every house has factory and storefront in their living unit. We were nearly converted but need now to catch the train to Maine, New England.

28.09.2014. COMPANY go America. We'll be driving around east coast U.S. for a couple of weeks searching for local secrets.

26.09.2014. Taiteilijaelämää. COMPANY interview today on radio YLE Puhe at 17:15 (in Finnish only). You can listen the interview later from YLE Areena > Kaikki ohjelmat > Taiteilijaelämää > Jaksot.

24.09.2014. Feels like christmas. We just received 65 pairs of Dance Shoes.
Dance Shoes For Father and Daughter now available. Designed by COMPANY / Aamu Song. Manufactured by Lahtiset in Jämsä, Finland. Material: felt (100% wool), rubber sole. Price: 105,00 EUR.

12.09.2014. ahead! arena. This year architects of the ahead! arena, COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin), set up a city space inside the fair center. The talks and events take place in the courtyard of this imaginary town square. Habitare is Finland’s biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair held 10–14 September 2014.

11.09.2014. Today at ahead! arena Mark Wigley talks about Guggenheim Helsinki.

11.09.2014. Street musician of today Tuomas Toivonen.

11.09.2014. Fresh flowers from the flower shop by the lovely Kukkaistori ladies.


Habitare fair in Helsinki opens. The ahead! arena, designed by COMPANY, ready for the eventful week ahead. Speakers deliver their messages from the balcony above. On street level we've got a flower shop (Kukkaistori), fresh apples and street musicians. See you there!

10.09.2014. ahead! arena, Habitare fair. A panel discussion going on from the balcony and the windows of the facade.

Salakauppa at Design Market. Cable Factory, Helsinki. Open Sat-Sun 11-17. Welcome!

Salakauppa go Design Market. We'll be selling lots of samples, odd sizes, models from previous years and many other secrets to discover. Design Market, at Cable Factory, Helsinki, is the largest design outlet event in the Nordic countries.

City walls going up! Setting up ahead! arena for the upcoming Habitare Furniture Fair at Helsinki Fair Center. This year architects of the ahead! arena, COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin), will set up a city space inside the fair center wherethe talks and events of the fair will take place. Habitare is Finland’s biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair held 10–14 September 2014.

Back in Helsinki COMPANY is starting to put together their ahead! arena for the Habitare Furniture Fair.

COMPANY getting into the world of the Nebuta in Aomori. This time of year northern Japan is full of Nebuta festivals where giant, glowing structures featuring dragons, warriors, tigers and more wander along the streets with the beat of the drums.It's really sugoi.

COMPANY & friends around north-end japan researching tsugaru salat(secrets). Here are quite a few 100¥ self standing/self service vegetable salakauppa for 5 cucumber or 1 pumpkin or ash of apple tree. Azumashi no tsugaru.

Konitsiwa from Hachinohe Matsuri festival.

COMPANY go Japan.
We'll be spending three weeks in northern Japan searching for local secrets.

Concert in Woods is ready and waiting for Our Festival to get started tomorrow. Our Festival, directed by violinist Pekka Kuusisto, takes place by the Lake Tuusula, Finland from 26.07. to 02.08.2014. Since 2008 COMPANY has designed the visuals, and the Concert in Woods concept for the festival. This year the Concert in Woods installation got an extra hill for the audience to sit on, and can now host over 200 people. Photo: Peter Vuorenrinne.

Da svidanya! COMPANY go Russia. We'll be heading to St. Petersburg to work with our Secrets of Russia -project. Picture above is MARI MATRYOSHKA, a 6-piece matryoshka set designed by COMPANY and manufactured in Semenov, Russia. Material: linden, paint, lacquer.
A limited edition of Mari Matryoshka's are available in KIASMA shop, Helsinki and in Salakauppa.

Exhibition Forest Forest / Metsä Meininki
Icelander Hanna dis Whitehead came to experience Finnish forest with good Company. For 2 days, we visited Nuuksio, and Vuosaari forests and made a collection of forest items. Exhibition is ongoing at the ground shelf of Salakauppa until material stays fresh.

Play Nordic -exhibition opens at the Nordic Embassies / Felleshus in Berlin. COMPANY shows Dance Shoes in the exhibition curated by Katrin Greiling.

COMPANY is back from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
We had a lovely two weeks creating an installation ’Enlighten Me’ with great collegues Katja Pettersson, John Astbury, Brynhildur Palsdottir, Brynjar Sigurdarson, Marte Frøystad & Runa Klock.

COMPANY will be working on a project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We take part in ’Enlighten Me’ – a collaborative lighting design project that brings in studios from Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to explore light as an instrument of contemporary design. Invited designers are Company from Helsinki, Froystad+Klock from Oslo, What’sWhat & Katja Pettersson from Stockholm, Vík Prjónsdóttir Collective and Brynjar Sigurðarson from Reykjavík.

COMPANY will be having a talk about our Maailman Mekot / Global Dresses art work at Contemporary Art Museum KIASMA. Place: Kiasma theater at 14:00 on Saturday 7th of June. More about the ’Marikylä’ day program at Kiasma here.

COMPANY finished the visuals for Our Festival 2014. Our Festival, directed by Pekka Kuusisto, takes place by the Lake Tuusula, Finland from 26.07. to 02.08.2014. Since 2008 Company has designed the visuals, and concert in woods venues, for the festival.

Testing our design for Ahead! arena, Habitare Furniture Fair. This year's exhibition design will be done by COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin). Habitare is Finland’s biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair held 10–14 September 2014.

15.05.2014. Opening of exhibition ’KIMPASSA’ at Contemporary Art Museum Finland KIASMA. In our project Maailman Mekot / Global Dresses
we took Finnish Marimekko fabrics to different parts of the world and made traditional costumes together with skillful local makers. From our travels, we brought back local fabrics and made Marimekko costumes with dressmakers at Marimekko factory. Thank you / Kiitos / Kamsahamnida / Arigato / Spasibo: Maria, Henna & Team, Arja, J-P, Petri, Timo, Mirek, Hiroko san, Sutaro san, Elena, Svetlana, Julia, Omoni, Aboji, Axa, Nene, Olli, Heidi, Hanna, Yehia, Valo, Villa and Ville.

. Century of the Child / Barnets Århundrare -exhibition opens at Museum Vandalorum, Sweden. COMPANY shows Dance Shoes and Small Hug puzzle in this exhibition. Century of the Child was first shown in MoMa New York in 2012 and is now touring Scandinavia, starting from Museum Vandalorum (09.05.–28.09.2014).

. Getting ready for exhibition opening next week. Finnish art, design and fashion will get together at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in an exhibition entitled Together. Sixteen artists and designers have been invited to take part in the exhibition.

St. Petersburg, Russia. We'll be having a talk about our Secrets of Russia -project as part of Cultural Kitchen Helsinki – St. Petersburg event. Venue: Loft Project Etagi, Ligovski Prospekt 74, St. Petersburg.

Habitare ahead! press day. The architects of the ahead! arena, COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin) revealed the designs for this year's arena. Habitare is Finland’s biggest furniture, interior decoration and design fair held 10–14 September 2014.

Brand new Salakauppa bags manufactured in Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea, will be available next week in Salakauppa, Helsinki. Salakauppa open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18. Welcome.

Ohayo from Gurume, Kyushu, Japan. COMPANY collaborating with amazing local manufacturers and studying the Secrets of Japan. Arigato gosaimas Hiroko-san, Hitomi-san, Nobuhiro-san and everyone at Gurume.

Annyonghaseyo! COMPANY will spend a week in Korea and Japan. We'll be working with local masters to create new works for an upcoming exhibition in KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki in May 2014.

COMPANY go Russia. We'll be continuing our Secrets of Russia -project, and creating new works for an upcoming exhibition.

Shop Show exhibition opens at Hafnarborg Centre of culture and Fine Art, Iceland. COMPANY shows a selection of our ’Secrets of Finland’, ’Secrets of Korea’ and ’Secrets of Russia’ -collections in the exhibition.

12.03.2014. Ohayo Gosaimas!
COMPANY Salakauppa pops at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo. Open everyday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Secrets of Estonia -collection now available in Salakauppa!
In summer 2013 we set on a journey to explore Estonian manufacturing secrets. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on each tradition.

05.03.2014. Estonian Salakauppa, eli Vironsalakauppa! Opening reception on 5. March 14:00 - 19:00. Estonian Tea, designed by COMPANY will be served all day. There is also secret Estonian beer & snack in tiskin takana which will be served around 18:00. Welcome to see our latest adventure and share estonian moment with us.

25.02.2014. COMPANY will be participating in the Design Night discussion ’Design and Responsible Consumerism’ at Designmuseum, Helsinki tonight from 5pm to 8pm. The discussion is part of the on-going SHOP SHOW exhibition in Designmuseum. COMPANY shows a selection of ’Secrets of Finland’, ’Secrets of Korea’ and ’Secrets of Russia’ -collections in the exhibition.

21.02.2014. Open seminar SECRETS OF ESTONIA. Friday 21st February 2pm, Estonian Academy of Arts, room 426, Estonia pst 7, Tallinn. To celebrate the last weekend of our exhibition SECRETS OF ESTONIA at Estonian Museum of Applied Arts in Tallinn, we'll have a talk about all the secrets we've discovered during the project. Three local manufacturers will be joining the discussion. Welcome!

. MINI BIENNAALI was very, very much honored to have you Jukka, Pekka, Annamari, Tuovi, Auri, Jay, Roope, Maarit, Johanna, Mikko, Laura, Milla for the first mini biennaali. Iso kiitos for you the audience coming out in this chily weather. Meet you again in 2016! Photo: Maarit Kytöharju.

15.2.2014. Amazing Auri Ahola and Jay Gilligan kick-start the 2nd day of MINI BIENNAALI with their brand new piece ’No big thing’. Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

13.2.2014. ‘Connections 2014‘. Light installation by Jukka Huitila. Photo: Maarit Kytöharju.

13.2.2014. MINI BIENNAALI starts with ‘Connections 2014‘ a laser-light installation by Jukka Huitila.
Photo: Maarit Kytöharju.

10.-16.02.2014. Helsinki gets a new festival when Aamu, Johan and producer Johanna Råman organizes a week-long event with music, dance, art and light. MINI BIENNAALI takes place in, and around, Salakauppa, Postikatu1, 00100 Helsinki. Performers and artists include: Pekka Kuusisto, Jay Gilligan, Auri Ahola, Jukka Huitila, Roope Gröndahl, Anna-Mari Kähärä and Tuovi Eskola.

23.01.2014. SHOP SHOW exhibition opens in Designmuseum, Helsinki. COMPANY shows a selection from our ’Secrets of Finland’, ’Secrets of Korea’ and ’Secrets of Russia’ -collections.

13.01.2014. Annyonghaseyo! COMPANY go Korea.
We'll be exploring some Korean secrets and meeting with friends and family for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile in Helsinki our Salakauppa (Secret Shop) will be open as usual: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

02.01.2014. COMPANY designed a set of animal shaped brushes for the Ateneum Art Museum (The Finnish National Gallery) Shop in Helsinki. The Pig, with pig hair, is best suited for oil- and acryl painting, The Pony, with horse hair, for water colors and Kolinsky for both oil- and water colors. Animal brushes are manufactured in Joutsa, Finland (wood) and in Nürnberg, Germany (bristles).

Dear COMPANY friends around the world! Thank you for a great 2013 and see you all soon! Picture above shows all COMPANY projects & products from 2013.

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