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Happy new year from COMPANY!

Here is our Annual Report >>
It tells how the year was for us. What we did, whom we met and what we ate...

Company will stay in Korea a bit longer. Back in Helsinki by the end of january.

Closing studio party turned out really nice. Thank you all visitors and friends.
Mani komapsumnida!

Hyvää joulua from Company.

Shocking issue today:
Googled Tanssitossut (Danceshoes) and this window jumped up! (search result page no 1).
We'll start selling Tanssitossut soon again. Please wait untill january.

If you happen to be in Seoul and don't have any holiday plans, come to visit us on 26th for our closing studio party in Ssamzie space. We move out from the residence space at the end of the year.

Trip to Jeju island south from Korean peninsula. We got a rare chance to go diving with the Henya ladies (Johan & Janne in the far right >). Henya divers catch abalons and octopus even from 20 m depth, and can hold their breath up till 2 min. Diving business is vanishing and all the ladies are nowadays 50, 60 or even 70 years old.

Made in Korea -project getting more concrete. First set of factory-made prototypes ready. Lots of work still to be done, but we are really happy how things are proceeding.

A trip to Dalki ga choha in Heyri, north of Seoul.
Dalki ga choha is a paradise for all kids and for adults too. Uskomaton great architecture.


Nene, Tuomas and Jussi came from Helsinki to visit us. We went together to Jang Soo makkoli factory to learn the secrets of this great Korean drink. Makkoli drinks at 10AM. Masissoyoo!

More about makkoli:
Jang Soo Makkoli

Visiting Kaesong, North Korea. Kaesong is the old capital on Koryo known nowadays for its ’joint inter-korean industrial complex’.

It was good to see a lot of bicycles after a long time. Hopefully South Korea will start biking some day again too.

Finnish independence day! Company got invited to the Finnish embassy in Korea to celebrate the 90 year birthday of Finland (we actually sent them e-mail to invite us...).

Sengil chucha hamnida Suomi!

First Lady invited Aamu to President palace for a design talk among 15 other Korean designers.

Got a souvenir;
a pencil set with President emblem on it (see photo>). We'll do better design with this.

Sweat shop continues:
2nd set of prototypes for Made in Korea coming up.

Made in Korea -project: Planning and prototype making. Chogum shi, chogum shi...

Made in Korea -project shaping up little by little. Visiting manufacturers and factories around Seoul and in the neighbor provinces.

We made a set of christmas cards for Amnesty Finland. Connect the happy dots and find out what happens this christmas!

Support Amnesty and get nice christmas cards at: store.amnesty.fi

Mahtavaa! Found this today in one blog. ’Caption contest for Lonely Jacket’
We chose our favourites:
’Luckily little Johnnies fall was broken by a passing ninja.’
’I don’t remember this jacket being so heavy when I left the house’.
For more: www.teenymanolo.com

6 days in Tokyo:
9 pairs of shoes (chika tabi),
7 new friends (masa, tomo, asko, hokke, hata, sawako, ryoko)
4 new pants (nikka work pants)
2 new bags (for the souvenirs)
1 fugu (pufferfish)
1 new idol (naoto fukasawa)
1 thousand arigato.

COMPANY lecture in Axis gallery. Great audience and really nice opening party later in the evening! Thank you so much Laura, Sami, Hata-san, Ohta-san and everybody in Axis. Arigato Gosaimas!

COMPANY goes to Tokyo for a week. We'll have a talk in Axis gallery on 29th at 4PM.
Lisn to Finland
exhibition (in Axis gallery too) opens at 7PM.

COMPANY talks in Ssamzie space.
Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Presentation around 3PM.

Storia di Cosa -exhibition in Italy Lungomare gallery open. Exhibition shows objects that are personally related to one's life. Aamu's choice was her grandma-made-underwear. (in the far right>)

Back in Seoul Doosan Bears won again! 6-3!

Doooosan Bears!
Baseball game Doosan Bears vs. SK Wyvers in Incheon Munhak stadium. Aamu's favourite team Bears won 2-0!. Three more wins and Bears will become the Korean champion.

Visited Dongdaemun market. Dongdaemun market is a village of high-rise buildings in the center of Seoul. Dongdaemun never sleeps and is always full of shoppers (mainly agressive re-sellers).

>Found our favourite product: Body Gay -natural style good fitting innerwear.

Back in Seoul where we met our dear friend Jeong Hwa ajossi. Aamu wearing Hahoe mask, Jeong Hwa outolintu mask.

Long time no see. Traditional welcoming food is pig heads. Together with black sausage and organ soup and maeksu. Masissoyo! Thank you for a fantastic evening Jeong Hwa!

Korea round-trip continues to see the archipelago-Haekumkang, Hansando, Maemuldo.

> Hot azuma dance on a boat to Tongjang.

Korea round-trip: Andong-Gyoungchu-Tongyeong. Johan's mom and dad came to visit and we took some holiday together. Picture from Byoungsan seowon (old school) in Andong.

Hello from Seoul!
Soju time in Aamu's favourite posan-macha in Insa-dong, Seoul.

Hei Hei, Bye bye, Annyong ha seyoo!
COMPANY goes to Seoul, Korea for the rest of the year. We'll be working there in Ssamzie art residency. See you in Finland again in 2008.

We made a table-decoration project for Hufvudstadsbladet. ’Newstable’ has all dishes made of newspapers that can provide topics for discussion in a dinner party. We had jättebra time doing this. Tack så mycket HBL!

Ta-taa! Unelma came true in Habitare. Come to see Unelma (Sleeping furnitures) in Hall 6 H 39. Kiitos Raakel, Mikko and Antti. Was really nice to spend time with you again.

Aamu talks in TV about Korean pop culture, middle aged ladies and Bhutan. Katso tonite at 11 pm. Yle/Extralarge.

Secret shop returned to office. Little bit tight with storage space. Sorry Kasper.. Hope you like your new work space..

Unelma / Sleeping furnitures in Habitare fair, Helsinki. We designed a set of sleepy furnitures for Kiteen Huonekalutehdas. Big sleep was first shown in KIASMA museum in the summer and now it got a Little sleep to be with (a side table/chair).

Hei hei hei/ Bye bye bye.
Suomen Salat / Top Secrets of Finland exhibition+shop closing day. So happy and sad same time. Kiitos kiitos all shoppers, friends and Kiasma museum. Salashop will continue later...

SecretParty! Salajuhla!
Kiitos so so much for all! And for Ville for a great concert! We made Suomen Salakakku for the party. See recipe here. COMPANY exhibition and shop in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki.
See produts photos here!

Lisn to Finland exhibition opening.
7 designers/offices created insence holders for LISN brand. Exhibition will open in Tokyo and in Kyoto late September. COMPANY designer TUOKKU – a portable insence holder. Wood work is done by Oula-Heikki .

Merikarvia bears.
Weekend holiday in Veneranta, Merikarvia with Rami, Hessu, Paola, Luis, Teemu, Johanna and Sirpa. Kiitos Simo ja Pirjo!

Back from Alvar Aalto design seminar in Jyväskylä. Kiitos for a great seminar and great great afterparties Ilkka, Sari, Esa and all tuttu. Best design event there is!

Sala Shop on wheels.
Secret shop went to Jyväskylä for the weekend to Alvar Aalto design seminar. Selling was a succes and we got enough to buy gas back to Helsinki. Kiitos kiitos.

Salakauppa returns to KIASMA, Helsinki on tue 4th of September.

Vessa projekti.
We are working (again) on a toilet design.
Found some nice 1:50 scale kakka-ihminen models...

See COMPANY in latest PLAZA magazine

Aamu's favorite customer today: Jamie
He tried on some products we made then asked to take a picture.
He sent also picture to us!
Mahtava nakoinen. exijo?

Salakauppa open in KIASMA untill 16. September.

mini school -outdoor furniture ready!

COMPANY designed an outdoor furniture for Laajasalo Kolutanhua ground school. The concrete furniture is a replica of the school building itself in c. 1:40 scale.

See more pictures here

SecretShop / Salakauppa open.
New products after summer!
Tule, come shopping!
COMPANY exhibition and shop in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki.
See produts photos here!
Opening hours in ’Shop’ folder.
More info: www.kiasma.fi/exhibitions

Season greeting card workshop!

With Tai, Tomoko, Aamu, Kasper, Johan, Nene and Erika... So much fun! Kiitos!

mini school -outdoor furniture project getting ready.

COMPANYs outdoor furniture project for a ground school in Helsinki. (more pictures next week when casting is ready...)

Meet Kasper.
Kasper will be working with us for the next two months.

Our SecretShop is open again.
(Secret Shop is COMPANY exhibition and shop in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki)
Tule come shopping!

Hello from Pippi Longstockings home!
COMPANY back from holiday week in Gotland.

For those who still have holidays left, we recommend to visit:

COMPANY holiday!
See you somewhere in Joensuu, in archipelago, in Gotland or in Iso-Tärpänä!

SecretShop / Salakauppa open.
COMPANY exhibition and shop in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki.
New produts photos here!
Opening hours in ’Shop’ folder.
More info: www.kiasma.fi/exhibitions

Sauma opening in D+A museum in Los Angeles. Sauma is a touring exhibition on contemporary Finnish design. COMPANY made Takkianen (A Jacket for Lonely People) for the exhibition.
More about Takkiainen in product -folder and in:


Midsummer break!
Celebrating with Tuomas, Jenni, Hena, Manne, Pekka, Sari, Janne, Vesa, Jussi, Maippi and Pike (on right).
How to cook a pike (in finnish)

SecretShop / Salakauppa open.
We'll be present every day the museum is open untill july. Come shopping!

Holiday! Visiting Provinssirock festival in Ostrobotnia, Finland. Met our dear friend, Elvis-impersonator Mr. Hakomäki who took us for a ride to see the Lakeus (the flat-lands of Ostrobotnia).
In the festival we got a new favourite band: The Blood Brothers!

Sparkling opening day!
in Kunsthalle Helsinki!
Anteeksi made a bike-tuning project for Sparkling – exhibition of young art, design, fashion, etc.

COMPANY designed BikeBag and CityBike for the collection.
More: www.taidehalli.fi/en

Top Secrets of Finland open!
COMPANY exhibition in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki. Top Secrets of Finland is a co-laboration project with finnish manufacturers. The Studio K space will be a Secret shop during summer.
Kiitos everyone who came to make a great opening party!

Suomen Salat opening coming up! COMPANY will have exhibition in KIASMA contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki. The Studio K space will become Top Secret shop.

Exhibition will be open from 8th of june till 16th of september. Shop opening hours coming soon...

Double victory!
Company participated as environmental artists in a planning competition of a new housing area in Hämeenlinna, Finland. We were comissioned by our friends AOA architects. We left in two entries – and won them both!

Reddress+Company exhibition closing day.
Thank you so much: Ville, Timo, M.A., Pedro, Astrid, Sansa, Anna-Mari, Pekka, Jukka, Marianne, Ville S, Mikko, Erno, Jaakko, Sari, Tuomo,... and everyone who visited exhibition and concerts!
Happy and sad...

Last Reddress concert!
Ville Leinonen & T. A. Kaukolampi.
Soo great! Again soon, please...

Reddress+Company exhibition open until sun 27th of may in Designmuseum, Helsinki.

Reddress concert with M.A. Numminen & Pedro Hietanen and approx. 200 kids!
Wildest concert we've ever seen!

15 & 18.05.2007
Reddress concert with Astrid Swan!
Special kiitos for Sari.

Book tickets now!
Some tickets still left for last concerts with M. A. Numminen and Ville Leinonen. 22nd & 25th of May.

Sansa & Mir-0 concert + Reddress dinner with all Reddress helpers: Antti, Teemu, Tuomo, Anna, Sika, Nene, Pauli, Risto,... Kiitos!

Kiitos Sansa for a great concert!

Eurotori is getting ready.
Senaatintori turns into public living room for Eurovision weekend.
Anteeksi designed giant sofa and balloon system for the center square in Helsinki.

Public living room opens today at 5pm. Tule sinne!

Open Studio day.
0 visitors! Good! We'll enjoy the ’kilopitko’ bun ourselves.
Open Studios is one of the (too many) official events on Eurovision design week. Designers are asked to open their workrooms for visitors...

More about ’kilopitko’ here.

Sansa & Mir-0 in Reddress.
Todella hieno! Kiitos.
Again on Friday 11th of May.

Book tickets now to concert!

Reddress premiere corcert!
Anna-Mari Kähärä & Pekka Kuusisto!
Mahtava concert! Kiitos!

Anna-Mari& Pekka!
Mahtava, mahtava!!
When can we do it again? please, please.

Opening party!
Reddress fills the whole hall in second floor.
Kiitos all visitors!
Kiitos so much Jukka and Marianne! And Designmuseo team: Erno, Ville, Rodolfo, Antti,.. Kiitos!

< See more pictures in designmuseum -folder.

Anna-Mari and Pekka practising for saturdays concert. Mahtavaa!
Can't wait till concert!

Get tickets now to Reddress concerts!
First concert: Anna-Mari Kähärä & Pekka Kuusisto 5th of may.

Happy Mayday. In Designmuseo Company sideshow cityroom is nearly ready. Opening after tomorrow... 3rd of may at 6 o'clock.

(checka Company in latest IMAGE magazine)

After setting up Reddress, Company side exhibition is starting to take shape. Looks aika odd at the moment... Little by little...

Exhibtion open from 4th of may to 27th. Designmuseo Helsinki.

Dress all in place and testing the technique.
Kiitos taas paljon Sari ja Tuomo!

Tickets still available for the concerts!

Surgeon Sari and nurse Aamu operating Reddress. Some surgery needed to fit the dress in the space.

One dress going up!
Box by box Reddress moves to Designmuseum. Exhibition opening in one week... jännittää...

Get tickets to concerts from here:

Reddress concert series coming up!
Since 2007 Reddress has been part of Designmuseums permanent collection. In May Designmuseum will host a series of Reddress concerts.
COMPANY will make a side exhibition there too..

See more in reddress -folder.

La Famiglia Scusi soap-opera evening. Thank you all who came to see filming of this years Anteeksi Milari event!

The whole episode can be viewed now at:

Anteeksi annual furniture fair comes this year with a real soap-opera. La Famiglia Scusi!

Click to see invitation.

Company photoshoot morning.
Kiitos so much for all the Top Models:
Sari, Matias, Harri, Nene, Antti S., Kim, Jussi, Janne, Jatta, Jyri, Antti O. and Maippi!
And Best Photographer Janne!

Just received the new &fork book by Phaidon.
We (as Anteeksi group) are happy to be chosen for this publication.
&fork is a sequel for the book Spoon.
&fork introduces 100 contemporary designers/teams.

New intern?
P.R. (Johannas dog)
is constantly learning new tricks.
(P.R. had Photoshop CS running when we came to interrupt)

End stand. Muhos, Finland.
Finland tour finally over and back to office.

Found my favourite store >

Padasjoki, Rautalampi, Mäntyharju, Varkaus, Parkano, Kitee, Vammala, Töysä,...
Finland is amazing place!

Operation Suomisecret going on...

Hei from Tuuri (photo >)
Tuuri is the second biggest shop in Finland, located in a tiny village of just 1000 inhabitants...

Companys february will be about exploring the winter time Finland.
In -25 celsius..

Winter came!
Now it's time for pulkkamäki & breakfast.
J+J+J in Lenininpuisto, Kallio.

Kiitos to Pentagon Design
for the pulkka's!

Huh huh...
Back for some income..
Johan doing graphic-roadcrew-assintant work for companies prepairing for Stockholm furniture fair in in february..

Hello from Finland!
Winter issue of Tori magazine (Alternative Culture of Finland – for Japanese readers) just came out.
Tori visited us (Anteeksi) late summer last year and took a lot of really fun photos.

See also latest I.D. magazine about Anteeksi.

We designed our ’Private Identities’ as objects. ’Outokumpu’ for Johan and ’Pot-ta’ for Aamu.

Objects participate in exhibition ’Private Identity’ during furniture fair at the Kölnischer Kunstverein 2007.
(click for more >>)

Uusi set of furnitures!
Uusi feng shui in the office.
Uusi work uniform (Aamu started using) that comes with a baseball cap.
Uusi interior is good for
Uusi projects..
(Uusi means new...)

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Happy New Year from COMPANY!

Here is our Annual Report 2006 >>
It tells how the year was being in COMPANY. What we did, whom we met and what we ate + a lot of other useful info...

Kiitos for the year 2006!

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