Dear COMPANY friends around the world! Thank you for a great 2013 and see you all soon! Picture above shows all COMPANY projects & products from 2013.
All best, Aamu & Johan / COMPANY

19.12.2013. COMPANY is back from Russia.
Among many new designs from our Secrets of Russia collection, now is available Head Matryoshka (above) designed by COMPANY and manufactured by our dearest friends in the most amazing, historical matryoshka factory in the town of Semenov, Russia.

05.12.2013. SECRETS OF ESTONIA by COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan olin) exhibition opens at Estonian Museum of Applied Arts in Tallinn, Estonia. Suurtänu: Ingrid, Riitta, Ketli, Kai, Toomas, Raivo and all the amazing Estonian manufacturers with whom we've collaborated in the SECRETS OF ESTONIA collection.

01.12.2013. COMPANY in Tallinn, Estonia. We are setting up our exhibition ’SECRETS OF ESTONIA’ which opens 5th of December at Estonian Museum of Applied Arts in Tallinn, Estonia.
In summer 2013 we set on a journey to explore Estonian manufacturing secrets. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on each tradition.

28.11.2013. SALAKAUPPA open every day until Christmas eve. Open: Mon-Fri 14-19, Sat-Sun 12-18. Welcome! New products in our ’Secrets of Russia’ collection now available! Meet Four Season Ken – a new friend for our Four Season Barbie.

More ’Secrets of Russia’ products. New Beauty Bags; Baby and Girl bags, designed by COMPANY, manufactured in Torzhok, Russia.

19.11.2013. Congratulations! Our Festival gets the Finnish State Prize for Music 2013. Our Festival, directed by Pekka Kuusisto is a summer festival in Finland that serves a mixture of the best music from the chambers and other places. Since 2008, COMPANY has designed the festival visuals and spatials (outdoor concert venues). Picture above: ’Concert in Woods 2013’ by COMPANY. Performers: Rajaton.

07.11.2013. Greetings from Elista, the town of Buddhism – in Russia. COMPANY is exploring southern Russia for our ’Secrets of Russia’ project.

01.11.2013. Trastuitje Astrakhan! COMPANY arriving to Volga delta area to study local secrets.

Da Svidania! COMPANY continue the search of our ’Secrets of Russia’ project. This time we'll be first meeting old friends in northern Russia and then head to explore secrets of southern Russia.

SHOP SHOW exhibition opens in Form Design Center, Malmö, Sweden. COMPANY shows a selection from our ’Secrets of Finland’, ’Secrets of Korea’ and ’Secrets of Russia’ -collections. Exhibition SHOP SHOW is open 18.10.2013 – 12.01.2014.

COMPANY will be hosting a week-long workshop in Konstfack, Stockholm.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland has awarded Johan Olin of COMPANY with a 5-year artist grant.

Installing furnitures in Ateneum lobby.
COMPANY designed a set of furnitures for Ateneum Museum (The Finnish National Gallery) in Helsinki. These big rings serve both big and small museum visitors in the newly renovated lobby space.

COMPANY will have a lecture during Tallinn Design Night Festival. Place: Design Night Tent, Tartu mnt 1. Time: 6pm. More info: www.disainioo.ee/en/content/lecture.html

Back in Helsinki it's time for another Huopavirsupaja (Felt Virsu workshop) at COMPANY.
This time it's Tuovi (on left) teaching the secrets of Felt Virsu making to Milla.
Felt Virsu are available in Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18. Welcome.

Da Svidania! COMPANY go to Russia to continue our ’Secrets of Russia’ project. This time our journey takes us to Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and the town of Semenov.

Matryoshka Stool by COMPANY exhibited in Habitare Fair, Finland. Matryoshka Stool was selected by an international jury to be part of the Habitare Collection 2013 and also became a part of Designmuseums permanent collection. The Habitare Collection represents the best and most innovative products from the years 2000-2013.

Back in Helsinki. This week will be all about wood work when we are finishing up with a furniture project for a museum here in Finland.

COMPANY is filled up with Estonian Secrets after some weeks of adventures. The results will be revealed in December 2013 in Tallinn Design Museum.

COMPANY continue exploring Secrets of Estonia. We'll be digging deeper into the secrets of our neighbor country for the next two weeks. Hüvasti!

Salakauppa go east with dj Babushkin, russian disco, russian city meininki with taiteiden yö, of course ice cold vodka & russian kurkku, secrets of russia book with all the secrets, and the NEW secrets of Russia collection. We also say farewell to our amazing intern Hanna who turned Salakauppa into gold (check that amazing golden onion on top of our roof).

Bye bye REDDRESS. Ah, it was such a great red mad week. Kiitos! Now REDDRESS returns to Designmuseum storage and COMPANY returns to office.

What a fantastic final concert day! Iva Bittová in REDDRESS!

REDDRESS and the amazing Maja Ratkje! and Øyvind Bradtsegg!. REDDRESS Helsinki Festival 16.–20.08.2013. Tickets: Helsinki Festival/REDDRESS.

REDDRESS’ opening concert!‘ The Seasons’ Pekka Kuusisto & Our orchestra. REDDRESS in Helsinki Festival 16.–20.08.2013. Venue: Pannuhalli/Zodiak, Cable Factory. Tickets: Helsinki Festival/REDDRESS.

Meanwhile back in the office. Meet Hanna. New COMPANY intern. Hanna will be working with us in a myriad of projects – for example building this Russian dome/cupola for our shop rooftop. Salakauppa (Secret Shop) turns Russian (again) with all new Russian Secrets. Opening soon.

Red dress rehearsal. Pekka plays, Aamu listens.’The Seasons’ concert by Pekka Kuusisto & Our orchestra will kick off the REDDRESS concert series on Friday 16th of August.REDDRESS in Helsinki Festival 16.–20.08.2013. Venue: Pannuhalli/Zodiak, Cable Factory. Info of concerts and tickets: Helsinki Festival/REDDRESS.

Huh huh. Finished with the setting up of REDDRESS.
REDDRESS, by Aamu Song, in Helsinki Festival 16.–20.08.2013. Venue: Pannuhalli/Zodiak, Cable Factory.

02.08.2013. Concert in Woods with Rajaton! At Our Festival, Tuusula, Finland. COMPANY designed a space for an outdoor concert. See more in the projects folder for previous outdoor concert spaces.

01.08.2013. Another typical day in the life of a designer. COMPANY installing grass matts in forest. We are making these grassy hills tobecome a kind of Mother Nature's own amphitheater. Premier concert tomorrow. Concert in Woods Our Festival, Tuusula, Finland

. COMPANY dressing up trees for a concert in woods at Our Festival, Tuusula, Finland. The Concert in Woods will take place on 2nd (performer: Rajaton) and 3rd (performer: Retuperän WBK) of August.

. COMPANY finished the visuals for Our Festival. This year's theme ’Eri Konsertti’ will take the audience on unusual journeys to meet the music. Our Festival, directed by Pekka Kuusisto, takes place by the Lake Tuusula, Finland from 27.07. to 03.08.2013. Since 2008 Company has designed the visuals, and spatials, for the festival.

15.07.2013. Testing prototypes for upcoming ’Concert in Woods’ installation at Our Festival, Tuusula. (for past years installations, see ’Concerts in Woods’ I & II and ’Our Festival Mirrors’’ in the projects - folder). Meet Peter (above) who's working with us again this summer.

COMPANY continue our ‘Secrets of...’ project with yet another country to explore. This summer we'll be touring Estonia(!) trying to dig out the secrets that makes Estonia... so Estonia.

COMPANY will spend a few days in Sofia, Bulgaria. We take part in the Sofia Design Week and give a talk on 22nd of June.

07.06.2013. Parallel histories - exhibition opens in Design museum, Helsinki Finland.The exhibition, celebrating the 140 years old Design Museum, is open until 22nd of September 2013
. COMPANY is included in the show with our Dance Shoes.

Da Svidanya! COMPANY's exhibition ‘Secrets of Russia’ ending at Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg. Spasibo for everything: Lena, Pasha, Sergei, Tanya, Tatyana, Elina, Dmitri, Egor.

. COMPANY will be talking about our on-going exhibition ‘Secrets of Russia’ at Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg. The discussionwill take place at the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg. (address: Bolshoi Konjushennaya Ulitsa 8) at 7pm. Free entrance.

. COMPANY will have a talk about our satellite exhibition ’Secrets of Finland’ (pictures above) at the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg (address: Bolshoi Konjushennaya Ulitsa 8) at 7pm. Free entrance.

15-16.05.2013. We are having five Matryoshka master classes at our Secrets of Russia exhibition at Borey Art Center. The amazing Semenov Ladies are teaching the visitors the secrets behind matryoshka painting.
Watch video of the master class.

.05.2013. Opening of COMPANY's exhibition Secrets of Russia in Borey Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia. Spasibo bolshoi Lena, Topi, Pasha, Tatyana, Elina, Masha, Svetlana, Galina, Oksana and everyone at Borey. Watch video from the opening here.

14.05.2013. is the date when COMPANY's Secrets of Russia -exhibition opens in St. Petersburg. Place: Borey Art Center, Liteiniy 58. Before that, Company will be running around Siberia preparing works for the upcoming exhibition.

13.05.2013. Company setting up Secret Shop in St. Petersburg.
Opening of the exhibition ’Secrets of Russia’ on 14th of May, at Borey Art Center, Liteiniy 58, St. Petersburg, Russia.


12.05.2013. Spark / Kipinä - Critical Contemporary Art and Design exhibition opens in Fiskars, Finland. COMPANY shows a collection of our Secrets of Russia items (picture above) in the exhibition.

.05.2013. Company designed a Sauna Stool for Kulttuurisauna, which opened yesterday in Merihaka, Helsinki. The solid alder stool, manufactured by Nikari, borrows its shape from the kulttuurisauna building. The seat has an angle that allows water to trickle off the surface.

Helsinki Festival programme announced today.
Company is happy to tell that several REDDRESS concerts will take place during the festival. Concert dates 16.–20.08.2013. Venue: Pannuhalli/Zodiak, Cable Factory. Info of concerts and tickets: Helsinki Festival.

20.04.2013. Exploring the Secrets of Siberia.
After eleven hours on the train, we arrive to our final destination in Tobolsk, Siberia.

18.04.2013. Siberian spring! Company arriving to Yekaterinburg after a week in western Russia.We didn't take that bus (above) all the way... Aeroflot fly from Moscow in just two and a half hours.

14.04.2013. Da svidanya! Company returns to Russia. This time our two-week journey takes us from Moscow to Siberia.

10.04.2013. Company designed a sauna stool for Kulttuurisauna (opening early May) in Helsinki.Tommi (from Nikari who will manufacture the stools) and Aamu inspecting the final prototype. More about the stool when Kulttuurisauna opens.

09.04.2013. Anteeksi Milari #9.
The northernmost Fuori Salone event returns! Welcome to see this this years collection ’Kevätsotku’.
Address: Kalliolanrinne 4, 00510 Helsinki. Anteeksi is a Helsinki based design collective who get together twice a year to arrange ’Milari’ and ’Fäsäri’ events. More: www.anteeksi.org.
Above: Johan sitting on his piece ’Sikariporras / Secret Smoking Seat’.

03.04.2013. New product! Finnish Diamonds / Jalot kivemme!
Precious Finnish stones from Kuru and Varpaisjärvi quarries.
Design: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)
Hand-made in Kuru, Finland. Material: Kuru Grey Granite (model 1) and Pohjolan Leimu Granite (model 2). Measurements: 80 x 80 x 80 mm. Weight 0,7 kg. Price: 29,00 EUR.
Now available in Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

30.03.2013. Company back in Helsinki after three ’ojin harasoo’ weeks in Russia.
We were happy to find the latest DAMn° magazine on our office table. DAMn° features five pages of Company's Secrets of Russia project.

25.03.2013. Company in Russia. Moving westwards in a snowstorm. We'll be visiting manufacturers in greater Moscow area until the end of the month.

22.03.2013. Company preparing a lecture in Nizhniy Novgorod University. We shared some of the secrets behind our Secrets of Russia project and talked about the importance of preserving traditions.

15.03.2013. Dobrie dien. Company exploring Russian secrets.
After 13 hours in train we are back on the west side of Ural. Picture text: Proffesional train travelers wear no socks.

08.03.2013. Da svidanya! Company go Russia. This time we'll be exploring the secrets of Siberia. Our upcoming ’Secrets of Russia’ exhibition, with new works, will open in St. Petersburg in May 2013.
The first results of our ’Secrets of Russia’ products are available in our shop, Salakauppa, in Helsinki.

28.02.2013. Company will spend a few days in New York meeting with old friends and new collaborators.

26.02.2013. Company will give a talk at the Kennedy Center, Washinton DC. Nordic Cool festival (19.2.–17.3.2013) is a month-long happening of theater, dance, music, visual arts, literature, design and film from Nordic countries. We will take part in ‘Living by Design’, a panel discussion moderated by Judith Gura. Other panelists are Mårten Claesson from Sweden and Guðrun Rógvadóttir from Faroe Islands. Free admission.

View from the Nordic Cool exhibition. COMPANY's Rocking Bear (in front) in the exhibition.

22.02.2013. A typical Friday at the office. We spend most of the day testing a raildroad set we'll use in an upcoming exhibition in spring.

19.02.2013. Exhibition Nordic Cool opens in Kennedy Center, Washinton DC. Nordic Cool festival is a month-long happening of theater, dance, music, visual arts, literature, design and film from Nordic countries. COMPANY participates in the exhibition with Rocking Bear (above).

08.02.2013. Helsinki Water Towers from our ’Secrets of Helsinki’ collection are again available. Also new edition of Winter Collars, Work Dresses and much more just arrived to Salakauppa. Welcome. Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

01.02.2013. ’Sano Muikku’ -the secrets of Finland opening. Thank you all for visiting and helping in emtying the moon shine bottles.
Exhibition open until the end of February, in Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki.
More about the secrets here.

31.01.2013. ’Sano Muikku’ -the true secrets of Finland revealed!
Exhibition opening in Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki. More about the secrets here.

31.01.2013. Design Museum permanent Collection Exhibition “Finnish Form” opens. ‘Takkiainen - A Jacket for Lonely People’ and Finnish Animals Puzzle, both by COMPANY, now belong to the permanent collection of Design Museum.

25.01.2013. Company starting Pecha Kucha (above) at the Helsinki University yesterday night. Thank you great audience for making a great Pecha Kucha night! And thank you Kari Korkman, the man behind Pechakucha Finland, for organizing and hosting this evening.

24.01.2013. Company do Pecha Kucha.
Pecha Kucha Night 8 to 11pm at the Helsinki University.
The evening – themed science & culture – brings together ten speakers from various fields; politicians, researchers, journalists and artists, architects, designers. Tickets are available here.

13.01.2013. Company go to explore more Finnish Secrets.
We'll be touring Pohjanmaa and Pirkanmaa for a week, meeting new (and old) manufacturers and friends.

Huopavirsupaja (Felt Virsu workshop) at Company.
Minna (on right) is teaching the secrets of Felt Virsu making to Tuovi (our new Salakauppias!). This year
Salakauppa gets two new friends; Tuovi and Milla. You can meet Tuovi on Wed & Thu and Milla on Fri & Sat in Salakauppa.
Salakauppa, Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki is open Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18. Welcome.

04.01.2013. Happy new year from Company!
Meet Topi, who will be joining Company for the next few months.


Dear Friends of Company around the world.
We wish you had a great year 2012 and we'll meet soon again in 2013.
Aamu & Johan / COMPANY

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