Happy new year.
Company goes to, Lapland to find snow.

Salakauppa will be closed on 2.-8. January. Open again from 9th of January.

Merry christmas from Salakauppa.

Salakauppa opens again after christmas:
Wed-Fri 16-20,
Sat 12-18.

New product in Salakauppa!
Metallica Bag made in Germany now available.

Company Secret Shop open:
Wed-Fri 16-20,
Sat-Sun 12-18.
Postikatu 1, Helsinki.

Salakauppa got new, luxus coffee machine.
Welcome shopping and to try kahvi, latte or kuuma mehu.

Little christmas party with Anteeksi and Santa.

Secret Shop joulukalenteri /
christmas calendar day four.
Product of the day:
Puukkosaappaat /
Ostrobothnian Boots.

Jury day.
Company in the jury of a design competition for children and young people.

Secret Shop joulukalenteri /
christmas calendar opens tomorrow, 1st of december.

Winter came to Secret Shop.
Secret Shop recommends for cold weather:
Winter sleep
100% wool
Dance Shoes
Flame shirt

ANTEEKSI Fäsäri 5 in tram!
Thank you all visitors for a great ride.
We had a great time. Kiitos.

More pictures: www.anteeksi.org

ANTEEKSI Fäsäri 5 coming up!.
This year Anteeksi group fashion show goes on tracks. Anteeksi is a group of people (including Aamu and Johan) who share a big studio in Kallio).

Company will have a lecture in University of Art Design Helsinki.

Secret Shop open.
Wed-Sat: 12-18
Sun: sometimes.

Company Secret Shop
in Postikatu 1 Helsinki.

Company visiting Kulman Kankaat in Padasjoki, Finland.

Singletown exhibition still open for one more week.
Singletown by Droog design in Venice Architectural Biennale (September 14 through November 23, 2008.)

Company shows A Jacket for Lonely People in the exhibition (on right).

Secret Shop pre-opening!
Company shop in Postikatu 1 Helsinki.

Here we celebrate a pre-opening party. Thank you test customers!

Visiting doll factory in Jaatila.
It's great to see that except oil all the raw materials are Finnish and all work is locally made.

Company in Rovaniemi for some doll business.

Mailman dropped a package this morning to us from Stichtingkunstboek, Belgium.
Forms with a Smile -book comes with Dance Shoes by Company as the cover picture,

Dance Shoes now also in Virtualshoemuseum collection.

Salakauppa get lights.
Opening some day soon..

News from Company office.
We finally got some storage space for organizing our stuff. It feels so nice to have a bit of space for design work after working inside a mountain of cardboard boxes for months.

Renovation, renovation, renovation..
Salakauppa still waiting for a final touch.

Company in Selki-asema, Veikkola for some metal business. Afterwards a visit to the flea market next door (salvation army flea market).

One window opening in our Secret shop.
(Just testing window display.
Hopefully lights and cash machines are delivered soon so we get to have a real opening..)

Ekenäs, Kimito, Kasnäs, Pojo.
One day trip away from the city.
It's so good.

Shop conquered.
Company Secret Shop Helsinki renovation almost completed. Some day soon we'll have a secret opening...

More about the renovation in Secret Shop Helsinki -folder in desktop.

SAUMA exhibition opening in Danish Design Center, Copenhagen. Company Shows Dance Shoes and Lonely Jacket in exhibition. In DDC shop more Company products are available.

Back in business:
Company Secret Shop Helsinki renovation continues. We found the original stone floor hidden under tiling. It's a really nice floor but getting it clean is quite heavy.

Company in Singletown by Droog design. Opening at the Architectural Biennale in Venice Italy (September 14 through November 23, 2008.)

Company shows A Jacket for Lonely People in the exhibition.

Helsinki harbour 9AM.
Company importing 1st set of our Made in Korea -collection.
1m3 size package,
5 hours of paperwork,
1100 euro taxes.

Hei heii Ho Chi Minh.
It is time for Company to return to Finland. These two weeks in Vietnam have been the nicest, warmest and hottest times. Cám o'n!

SuperStructures opening at Himiko Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City. Company's Vietnam wooden shoe project phase 1 is ready.

Thank you / Cám o'n:
Apple, Mr. Tien, Mr. Kon Huynh, Mr. Nghi, Kate, Duc and curators Sue and Pontus.

More in SuperStructures -folder in main page.

Vietnam National day.
Company celebrates the day in a very official mood.

Journey to the factory in Binh Duong.
Company smells the Son Dao trees for Doi Moi Shoe project. Gam eung apple, Bac, and the great sandal master Tien!

More about the project in SuperStructures -folder.

Hello from Vietnam
Company shopping materials for SuperStructures project at Yersin market in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bye, bye! Chia tay ai!
Company heading to Vietnam.
We'll be in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for the next two weeks taking part in a ’SuperStructures’ art project.

Company mini-Street Shop in Night on Earth - opening in Myymälä2, Helsinki.

Company Secret Shop Helsinki renovation going on.
This week: walls and doors.
Next week: interior.
Next month: a secret opening..

More in Secret Shop Helsinki -folder in desktop.

Company Secret Shop opens again after a summer break in Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute in Oslo, Norway.

Opening hours:
Tue-Fri: 11-17
Sat: 12-16
Sun-Mon: closed

Reddress had great experience in Tuusulanjarvi chamber music festival. Eli Avaruus. Mekko is tuning.

Reddress returns to her home in Designmuseum.
Pictures and videos from the concerts in
Sydänverellä -festival site.

Reddress team!
Tuhat kiitosta/Thank you: Pekka, Aleksi, Marjukka, Anna, M.A.&Pedro, Antti, Saara, Maija, Marjukka, Marja, Laura and all others! Ja Sari ja Tuomo tottakai.

Thank you. It was really a wonderful week.

Reddress with Anna and Pekka.
Kiitos, Kiitos!

Pictures and videos from the concerts in
Sydänverellä -festival site.

Reddress Lovesongs!
Marjukka Riihimäki with Grex Musicus starting the evening concert. Soo beautiful. Kiitos.

More pictures in Reddress in Tuusula -folder and in.
Sydänverellä -festival site.

Se se on, se se on, se se on,
See See On!
Gommi & Pommi concert in Reddress.
See video from the concert.

Sydänverellä -festival in Tuusulanjärvi, 27th of July to 2nd of August.

Reddress ready and waiting for concerts to start. Reddress in Sydänverellä -festival (Concert dates: 30. - 31.07.). Tickets to some concerts are still available: Lippupalvelu.

View video from the setting up of the dress.

Starting to set up Reddress in Sydänverellä -festival in Tuusulanjärvi.

REDDRESS team (Aamu, Sari, Tuomo and Johan) heading to Tuusulanjärvi to set up Reddress concert series in Sydänverellä -festival. Concerts: 30. - 31.07. Tickets from here: Lippupalvelu.

Salakauppaa! Company Secret Shop will open permanently in the very, very center of Helsinki. First some cleaning and renovating. And one sunny day in September we'll have a secret opening.

Secret Shop location.

More books from Company. Top Secrets of Finland book is finally ready and available in KIASMA shop in Helsinki.

Company visiting teddy bear factory in Pitkäjärvi, Finland. On the way back we stopped by in Rauli Badding Somerjoki's home and Paratiisi kiosk.

Listen Paratiisi song.

Secret Shop in Finsk-Norsk institute in Oslo will go for a summer break.
Shop opens again 4th of August. Shop open until 23.08. Welcome!

Finland closes down for the next five weeks. ...Company will return to work next week...

Fennofolk -exhibition opening in Designmuseum, Helsinki.
In the exhibition Company sells Company Cook book and other food inspired products. On the right we cook Blueberry shirts with chef Erich in the opening eve.
See recipe here.
Exhibition open until 28.9.2008.

Company is very happy to be in latest DAMn magazine (issue 17).
You can read article here.

Company Secret Shop flooding!
We arrived to open the shop in the morning and found 15 cm water inte basement gallery floor.

Norwegian fire brigade came to resque and by afternoon shop is ready to open again.

Company Secret Shop open!
See more photos here.
Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute, Rådhusgata 21, 0158 Oslo.
Opening hours: tue-fri 11-17, sat 12-16.
Exhibition open: 05.06.-23.08.08.

Kiitos, Tack Elina, Pauliina, Linda, Heini and all visitors.

Company Secret Shop opening in Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute in Oslo, Norway. Opening 5th of June at 6PM. Welcome.

Company sweatshop with Aamu and Erich. We are putting together ’A Company Fairytale’ book for our shop-exhibition in Oslo, Norway next week. Big thank you Erich for writing, designing, editing and also assembling of the book!

Visiting Tuusulanjärvi, Finland with Pekka, Markku, Aleksi and Aamu. Prepairing for Reddress concert serie in Sydänverellä -festival in late july.

Company graphics for Sydänverellä -festival>

Packing time.
Reddress returns home to Helsinki.
Thank you, danke, kiitos, kamsahamnida, tak Hannele, Essi, Marjut, Anja, Sari, Tuomo, Sabine, Hendrik, Bernhard, David, Chris, Malte, Thouska, Isabel, Yosep, Min Ji Song, Soogi, Mira, Lee, Jang, Roh, Uffe, Lene, Lars og Ranchbrass.

Reddress final concert with Yosep Kang!

Rehearsal for Finnish tango concert in the dress.
Kiitos Marjut and Anja for a great show.
See TV Berlin Reddress report.

Aamu explaining Reddress project to DMY press. Somebody took a video and put on Youtube.
You can see it Here

Reddress fairy tale readings with Sabine and Soogi.

Reddress premiere!
Thank you so much Marjut, Lars, Yosep and the great. great audience. It was a wonderful evening.

Next concerts: 22nd, 23rd and 24th at 8PM. Storytelling on the same days at 10AM and 2PM.

Reddress set and ready for testing.
First concert 21st of May at 8PM.

Concert, ticket and other info:

Company heading to Berlin for REDDRESS concert. A series of concerts will be held during Designmai (21.-24. of may) in Elizabeth Church in Mitte, Berlin.

More: www.dmy-berlin.com
More about the Reddress project in mainpage in Reddress -folder.


Night on Earth -exhibition opening in MOCA museum, Shanghai. Company shows Finn Secrets wool collection.
Kiitos Noora for transportation.
And sorry, sorry Mika and Jani for not being able to be there...

Company in Karkku, Finland for some shoe business.

Finissage party and shop closing time. Danke schön. Time for Company to return to Helsinki.

Happy Mayday from Secret Shop. Todays guest of Honour: Aamu's parents came to visit. We spent most of the day wacthing Korean soap operas from lap-top...

Secret Shop open in Showroom Berlin, Falkensteinstrasse 46 10997 Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Shop open 14.00 - 20.00, (untill 4th of May). Welcome. (Secret Shop is part of Night on Earth -exhibition).

Meeting in Elizabeth Church in Berlin for REDDRESS concerts in the end of May. A series of concerts will take place in St. Elizabeth Church (Invalidenstrasse 3) from 21. to 24. of May during Designmai Berlin. Tickets: Adult 8 EUR, kids 1 EUR. (More in Reddress -folder).

Hello from Riga.
Company stopping by on the way to Berlin. Little market-place-selling-cart-systems study.

Shop closing time. Grazie mille!
Secret shop will open again in early may in Berlin.

Secret Shop still open for two more days. Has been really a fun week. See all products in the ’Secret Shop Milano’ folder in the main page.

Inside Secret Shop.

A day of honour! We got a Special Mention in the Design Report Awards 2008 SaloneSatellite. Grazie!

Tatam! SaloneSatellite Secret Shop open. Tante grazie for all visitors. It's really fun keeping a shop again.

Buonasera from Company.
Almost finished with the setting up of our fair stand. If you happen to be in Milan, please pay us a visit in SaloneSatellite.

Company article in Harper's Bazaar Korea... (they didn't make a cover story of us... This picture we got ourselves earlier when visiting Ssamzie Gil in Seoul...)

Company getting ready for Milan Furniture Fair. You can find us in Salone Satellite stand B-23.

(Our fuori salone show Milari (on right) with Anteeksi -group will open at same time in Kallio, Helsinki.)

We made a book!

It's a cookbook -style solution with 70 illustrated recipes of Company goods. A6 size, 128 pages, 200 pictures.

See more.

New pictures from our Machabang project in INSA art space, Seoul.

For more, please click here or open ’Interiors’ folder.

Moving in.
Another container coming in to the office before heading to Milan Furniture Fair.

Kiitos Jani for great woodwork!

Moving out.
One container leaving the office for Night on Earth -exhibition in Berlin.

Hei from Jämsä, Finland!
Company visiting Lahtinen felt factory for Dance Shoe business. Here is picture of our tour guide. (She comes to greet all visitors and takes them to office!)

Something to read: a nice article of Company in latest Metropolis magazine.

Exhibition opening in SsamzieSpace Seoul. Company will show a set of prototypes from our up-coming ’Made in Korea’ collection.

Company back in Helsinki.
Getting ready for Milan Furniture Fair in April. Later in April Company will be in Berlin taking part in Night on Earth -exhibition.

Opening of IAS lobby space project. Ajumma chairs and Posanmacha on the right>. Mani komapsumnida to all in IAS. We really enjoyed the past weeks!

Company designed the first floor of INSA art space in Seoul.

We are quite into colours nowdays. INSA lobby space paint work ready>. 5 days to go for the opening. (If interested, see IAS space -folder for more info of this project..).

Back in Seoul. IAS lobby space project. Designing indoor posanmacha (coffee/bar tent) and new set of furnitures.

Company visiting Busan for some shoe business. Made in Korea shoe set ready soon. Kamsahamnida again Kangsanim, Siljangnim, Yangsonsengnim.

Hello from Seoul.
Moving in to IAS residence space.
Mahatava space with view to Seoul Tower and old palace.

Pang, pang!
Company goes back to Korea.
We are making a temporary living room project for INSA art space, Seoul. Opening 5th of March. Oso oseyo.

Volt -magazine cover girl Aamu at work. (Here is link to the article. Language: swedish.) Photo> Fabian Björk.

Greetings from Lapland.
Crossing the border to Sweden with Aamu and Erich >

Eastern workshop.
Company made a project for Nyt -magazine. Assignment was to re-design a wishing branch. Kiitos. This was a nice and therapeutic task to do.

Almost forgot this... Here is our new logo for the year 2008.

We wish the logo a succesfull year with Company.

Getting little by little used to the life in Finland. Our new watch system aims to keep Korea in our mind.

SAUMA exhibition opening in Designmuseum, Helsinki. COMPANY presents Takkianen (A Jacket for Lonely People) in the exhibition.
More about Takkiainen in product -folder.

Exhibition open 18.01.-02.03.2008.

It is time for Company to go to Helsinki. 3,5 months in Korea made Korea very close to us. We'll meet soon again Jeonghwa, Hyunjin, Soohyuk, Jowan, Haewon, Hong, Umma, Appa, Halmoni, Halaboji, Ssamzie, Dalki, Gopchangjeongol!

Bye Bye Busan (back in Seoul).
We had really good shoe-workshop. Kamsahamnida Kangsanim, Siljangnim, Yangsonsengnim.
Busan mani choa!

Hello from Busan. Some climate warming happened when coming down from Seoul. Distance / degrees=400km / 20C°.

Aamukahvi in our office/home balcony>

Packing day. We move out from Ssamzie space (artist residence). Kamsahamnida. We had good time working here for the last three months.

Next Company will move to Busan to work on a shoe project.

2007 > 2008
Happy new year from COMPANY!

Here is our Annual Report >>
It tells how the year was for us. What we did, whom we met and what we ate...

Company will stay in Korea a bit longer. Back in Helsinki by the end of january.

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