24.12.2015. COMPANY goes winter holiday.

21.12.2015. Happy Holidays from COMPANY X SALAKAUPPA with New Secrets!
The Bears, The Life of Snowman, Käpy, Tatti and Kärpässieni now available.
SALAKAUPPA (Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsink)i open every day 13-18 (sat-sun 12-18) until christmas.
COMPANY X SALAKAUPPA (Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsink)i open daily 14-18.

20.12.2015. NEW PRODUCT! Käpy Colour. A set of six nesting cones for the Christmas tree (all fits inside one). Material: linden, paint, lacquer, cotton thread. Size 120 x 70 mm. Price: 55,00 EUR 

19.12.2015. Maljakkopuu (Flower Vase Tree) project by COMPANY published.
We are working on a commissioned art work for a new hospital in the city of Espoo due to open in autumn 2016. Our design ’Maljakkopuu’ is a set of 18 steel trees that each holds some 20 colourful, mouth-blown glass vases for flowers. The trees are located by each entrance of the 18 wards of the hospital where visitors can pick up a vase on their way to patient rooms. The art work is comissioned by EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The article above: Kaisa Viljanen, Helsingin Sanomat 19.12.2015.

10.12.2015. Company christmas card workshop done and holiday greetings are on their way. Hyvää Joulua!

SALAKAUPPA (Postikatu 1, 00100 Helsink)i open every day 13-18 (sat-sun 12-18) until christmas.
COMPANY X SALAKAUPPA (Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsink)i open Wed-Sat 14-18.

01.12.2015. Salakauppa Christmas calendar opens. We open every day 13-18 (sat-sun 12-18) till joulu. Hyvää Joulua!

24.11.2015. Greetings from Russia! We just got back to office with a lot of new matryoshkas.
Now available at Salakauppa and salakauppa.fi.

19.11.2015. Mushroom season continues in Urjala, Finland. We are visiting Urjalan Keinukaluste to stamp our Mushroom Stools.

11.11.2015.Tattijakkara / Mushroom Stool. Designed by Aamu Song & Johan Olin / COMPANY. Manufactured in Urjala Finland. Material Finnish birch. Natural (lacquered) or Stained (3 colours). Size: 360 X 320 x 320mm. Price: 215,00 EUR (natural) / 255,00 EUR (stained)

Mushroom season now at Salakauppa. Tattijakkara / Mushroom Stool available at Salakauppa.

COMPANY stamps! Sending today first parcels abroad with new stamps featuring our Dance Shoes and Mushroom Stools. This COMPANY designed set of stamps celebrating the Finnish Crafts are now available at Post offices around Finland.

Finnish Post launched new stamps in celebration of Finnish crafts. COMPANY designed the stamps and also had the honour to get two of our own products (Dance Shoes made by Lahtiset in Jämsä and Mushroom Stool made in Urjala) representing the best of Finnish craft. Stamps are available from today on in Post offices around Finland.

18.10.2015. COMPANY visiting Century of the Child exhibition at Design Museum Helsinki. We are getting a new edition of our Mushroom Stool (in the picture above) in a couple of weeks. Mushroom Stool is designed by Aamu Song & Johan Olin of COMPANY and is manufactured in Urjala Finland. Material Finnish birch. Stained (in three colour) or natural.

08.10.2015. Opening of Century of the Child exhibition at Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland. COMPANY is included in the exhibition with Dance Shoes (in picture above), PinguWear and Mushroom Stool.

. Dasvidanya! COMPANY go Russia.We are visiting our dear matryoshka makers. Above is a picture from our favorite step in the making of matryoshkas where the are dolls taking a bath. The dolls are dipped in a mix of potato flour and water. When dried the mix seals the surface of the wood so that paint can be applied.

20.09.2015. New product! Toy Lamp Bus now available. Design: COMPANY. Manufactured in Loone Küla, Estonia and in Helsinki, Finland. Material: Pine, LED light rails, electrical supplies. Size: 400 X 120 x 150mm. Ideal for bed side table reading light. Price: 180,00 EUR

20.09.2015. Johan with LED master Hokke from Saas instruments holding our new products Toy Lamp Bus and Toy Lamp Excavator.

13.09.2015. COMPANY's exhibition Secrets of Northern Japan at Aomori Museum of Art, Japan closing day. Thank you so much Shigemi and everyone at Aomori Art Museum! We just got amazing new photos from the exhibition by Masako Kakizaki. Picture above: T-shirt Hanten
Material: Kokeshi Kurume Kasuri, Wadding, Cotton fabric. Hanten manufactured by Hiroko Hara / Miyata Orimono in Kurume, Japan. Kokeshi Kurume Kasuri manufactured by Shimokawa Orimono in Kurume, Japan. Pattern and costume design by COMPANY / Aamu Song. Available in late 2015.

21.08.2015. Special edition of our musical Church Bells now available. Try the different sounds coming from either a Russian Kopek coin, a Euro cent or a US cent.
Churc Bells are designed by COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin). Manufactured in Semenov, Russia. Material: Linden, paint, lacquer, steel rod, coin. Price: 40,00 EUR each.

01.08.2015. NOW OPEN!
COMPANY's exhibition Secrets of Northern Japan at Aomori Museum of Art, Japan.

Exhibition view. Photo: Masako Kakizaki.

The product Sakunami Trees and the Spirit of the Trees. Our Secrets of Northern Japan is all about the spirit of products.

31.07.2015. A Parade of Spirits at the opening ceremony of COMPANY's exhibition Secrets of Northern Japan at Aomori Museum of Art 31.7.2015. Photo: Masako Kakizaki.

. Building up our ‘Russian Kiosk’ at Aomori Museum of Art. As part of our ’Secrets of Northern Japan‘ exhibition, we'll show a selection of our previous secrets from Russia and from Finland.

19.07.2015. COMPANY setting up studio at Aomori Museum of Art, Japan. We'll be working in this space for the coming week before our exhibition ’Secrets of Northern Japan‘ opens on 31st of July 2015. Latest updates of the setting up of the exhibtion can be seen here: phase2015-amoa.tumblr.com/. ’Secrets of Northern Japan’ is a project where COMPANY collaborated with local Japanese craftsmen and manufacturers creating together new items based on local traditions.

23.06.2015. Product placement
in Kahvila Siili on the opening day. Siili is a new summer café founded by Jyri Engeström and Caterina Fake in Helsinki's historic Käpylä neighborhood. Here you can get not only amazing coffee by Kalle Freese, but can also buy COMPANY products. The design of Siili café was made together with our dear friends Laura and Mikko of Mattila & Merz.

22.06.2015. Morning meeting at COMPANY. Meet Laura (in the cage) who will intern with us this summer.

08.06.2015. COMPANY ’Secrets of Northern Japan‘ at Aomori Museum of Art. A new site documenting our upcoming exhibition is now open at phase2015-amoa.tumblr.com/. ’Secrets of Northern Japan’ is a project where COMPANY collaborated with local Japanese craftsmen and manufacturers creating together new items based on local traditions. The exhibition ’will open at Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan on 31st of July 2015.

04.06.2015. Few hours for the opening of exhibition Anthology of Finnish fashion at Design Museum in Helsinki.The exhibition consists of a selection of phenomena in fashion and the fashion industry from the 1950s to the present. COMPANY has two costumes ’Jokapoika Korea & Korean Hanbok’ from our ’Maailman Mekot’ collection in the exhibition. Anthology of Finnish fashion -exhibition is open 05.06.–20.09.2015.
Design Museum Korkeavuorenkatu 23, 00130 Helsinki.

We work, you shop.
Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Now Open!

01.06.2015. Here's a photo inside our new shop. Meet Katja (on left) who's been interning with us for the past three months. Big spasibo for great work and for handling the odd salatyöt. Kiitos!

16.05.2015. Exhibition ’Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design’ opens in Bucharest, Romania.
The exhibition, curated by Petra Lilja, shows a selection of objects that represent three strong tendencies in the contemporary Scandinavian design scene: designers working with small-scale and artisan production, designers working conceptually rather than commercially and designs that bring together social commenting with design at the frontier of art. COMPANY shows Bear Boots, Sea Matryoshka, Pixel Bag and Helsinki Scarf in the exhibition.

10.05.2015. Salakauppa spring window. New Tree Matryoshkas and Peach Bags available. Salakauppa Open: Wed-Fri 14-19, Sat 12-18.

04.05.2015. Wool working in Estonia. Making new Winter Tie
patterns for next winter.

21.04.2015. Installation of ’Mirror Leaves’ ready. COMPANY designed a permanent installation for the city of Järvenpää, Finland. High polished stainless steel leaves brighten new pedestrian underpassages.

16.04.2015. NEW PRODUCT! Tree of Seasons now available. A set of five nesting trees. Material: Linden, paint, lacquer. Design: Aamu Song / COMPANY. Price: 70,00 EUR.

15.04.2015. Product news. The Sauna Stool we designed in 2013 for Kulttuurisauna, Helsinki is now in production in Nikari & Friends collection. (Photo above: Chikako Harada)

12.04.2015. We have moved! COMPANY new address: Laivurinkatu 10, 00150 Helsinki, Finland.

11.04.2015. Head of Thoughts. We designed this gift item for the University of Helsinki in celebration of their 375 year long history. Commisioned by University of Helsinki / N2.

24.03.2015. Ginzan Hot Springs, Japan. COMPANY came to see the cherry blossom and got a snow blossom. We are working this week on an upcoming Secrets of Northern Japan exhibition.

. Stockholm Design Week 2015. THREE TEA TOWER party at WE LIVE HERE exhibition.
Aamu Song & Johan Olin, Katja Pettersson & John Astbury and Brynhildur Pálsdóttir joined their drinking powers to serve a tea made from Finnish trees and Icelandic flora mixed with Swedish export ingredients.

Table cloth pattern after the THREE TEA TOWER party. Finland (on left) mixes with Iceland (on right) filtered through Sweden (in the middle). The tea ingredients were:
Finland: Pakurikääpä (a birch mushroom), xylitol (a sweetener from birch) boiled with Finnish stones.
Sweden: Iron syrup with pine shavings and pine syrup. All mixed with steel rods.
Iceland: Icelandic moss, dried blueberries, birch leaves and arctic thyme.

. WE LIVE HERE the most homely exhibition at Stockholm Design Week 2015 opens. The exhibition brings together Finnish and Icelandic design. COMPANY participates in the exhibition with Head Stands and Bear Boots.
On 05.02. we will host a party ’Three Tea Towers’ together with our dearest Icelandic and Swedish friends.

. Salapalatsi opens in Tennipalatsi, Helsinki.
Salapalatsi is a temporary art kiosk by COMPANY, comissioned by the Helsinki Art Museum.
Open Wed-Sun 14-20 until late March. Photo: Maija Toivanen

. Century of the Child / Barnets Århundrede -exhibition opens at Design Museum Denmark. COMPANY shows Dance Shoes and Small Hug puzzle in the exhibition. Century of the Child was first shown in MoMa New York in 2012 and is now touring Scandinavia.

. Happy New Year! Meet Reetta, our new intern at COMPANY. Reetta will be working with us on a project we do for the Helsinki Art Museum opening in late January.

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